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Price Comparison site for
PCB, PCBA & Electronic components.

PCB Market is the best price comparison service in electronics.
The service helps users make decisions when placing orders in online services.
In the meantime, it helps merchants reach more customers and sales.

Customers visit PCB Market to make their final decision about which PCB & PCBA manufacturer to choose.
PCB Market is a multivendors comparing platform with high-quality customers and wide coverage of targeting countries.

Additionally, on the service, the user can compare prices
on electronic components from global distributors in Europe, Asia and USA.

PCB Market is a service with the best target audience and wide coverage of target countries.

PCB Market contains information related to all aspects of electronics and associated vendors.

Our features

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Target audience to achieve an effective campaign
Access to the target audience - supply managers, electronic engineers or hobbyists.
Mobile version (Progressive Web Application)
Effective advertising tools
For online services
  • Online Quote Form: PCB, FPC, PCBA, Stencils.
  • PCB manufacturers in the price results can have a green "Buy Now" button displayed beneath their price. When a user clicks this button, his browser goes straight to the quote form on the manufacturer's web site. Optionally, PCB Market can send the user's board specifications to the manufacturer's site so that the quote form can be filled out automatically; this makes it easier for the user to complete his order.
  • Online Promotion Area - for Special Offers, promocodes and deals.
  • Display and Product Banners on price comparison pages.
For PCB and PCBA services
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